Our clients says
Alexandra Vassilaros
Playwright, New York
"Without the work I did with Olga I don't think I could have found my way out of the overwhelming feelings of grief that I experienced when my husband became ill and died. His death became a kind of a birth for me. An opportunity. There was so much more to experience than fear, loss and dread. His death became a birth for me. The turnarounds were my freedom. My way out of fearful concepts which I had never even imagined, I could question before The Work."
Mandy M.
"I went to New York to meet with Olga not fully understanding what it was The Work would teach me but WOW! I cannot believe how much of what she taught me has so quickly become a part of me. I really feel that in the sessions with Olga I have been given the ability to unlock the mystery of many of my thoughts. After completing those few sessions I find myself filled with energy, passion and the momentum to live my life more fully. Olga's ability to still the world around me and support me in really hearing my purpose is truly a gift as a mentor and a coach. You owe it to yourself, and those lives you touch on a daily basis, to explore The Work by Byron Katie and I highly recommending doing so with Olga. Your life will never be the same again, mine undoubtedly isn't."
Jane Potter
Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music
"The work we did together has not left me... I must (try and) relay that my vision became more colorful sitting with you, and I still live in that colorful perspective. It's hard to explain, but things STILL appear more colorfully when I consider different perspectives on an issue. Pretty wild.. It's not drug induced either! haha It's just that I see a spectrum of color now that "appeared" for the first time when I was working with you! So I think about something and those "new" colors appear in my vision. It may sound "crazy" but I believe these colors happened around "doing the work." Maybe my mind was actually blown and this is the result. Anyways, I'm enjoying it and find it useful! I definitely live in a more colorful world now! Thank You for your life changing help! I feel very grateful to have met you!"
Director, Alexander Alliance international
"When I work with Olga I feel a bit like one of those Russian dolls, the ones you can open only to find a smaller one inside, and a smaller one inside that one. Olga leads me in, and then follows me, and then leads me further in, and then follows me, until I find myself somewhere I do not know, until I find myself with someone I do not know, more precisely, with someone I had long ago forgotten, someone good, someone kind."
George Sachs
PsyD, New York
"Olga is an amazing facilitator and instructor, very patient and kind and a huge asset to my personal work and my work as a psychologist."
Barrett Mandel
PhD, New York, March 2014
"Recently I completed a 12-hour personalized retreat with Olga Berg. As a person with a long career in both business and the academic world (as well as eight years as a student of The Work of Byron Katie), I feel that I am a good judge of the quality of Olga's enormously beneficial and illuminating program. Olga is intense, focused, sensitive to the needs of her client, flexible, and fun. Not only would I recommend her as a mentor for anyone open to deepening their understanding of this unique strategy for living a peaceful and productive life, but I myself am already signed up for her next workshop."
Joe M
New York
"The Work is so uplifting, so freeing and so truthful, that even if done without skill it can be very powerful. With a skilled facilitator like Olga, The Work is transformational and even more extraordinary."
Ted Johnson
Actor and Performer, New York
"I had an incredible time doing The Work with Olga. I was able to create an entire JYNW with Olga's simple, sure guidance, and work it from top to bottom. So much insight comes from this powerful process and I was visibly and internally changed when I went home that night. The effects have stayed with me, as I have a new and deeper appreciation for the person I did the Work on, as well as myself. Olga is a gifted facilitator and I highly recommend working with her".
Deborah Schlein
New York
"Olga Berg a highly gifted and talented workshop facilitator of Byron Katie's "The Work".
I have taken several "The Work" workshops with Olga, and have found her to be an exceptionally intuitive, compassionate, gentle and knowledgeable teacher. Through her caring, nonjudgemental guidance and coaching, she has helped me to consciously expand in a more heartfelt, authentic manner, with more clarity and compassion for myself and others."
I. S.
New York
"Thank you so much for last Friday. It was so revealing and so honest. This way of thinking is an incredible tool that one can have. Not quite like magic wand, but something that comes very close. "
Peter Stein
Song-writer, London
" I keep going back to Olga and looking at the same core issue with different eyes. I want to turn my face the other way, the way I'm used to looking at things, but she gently turns my head around sentence by sentence, question by question, turnaround by turnaround to see I'm not chained to one way of thinking. There's freedom in that.. Many people in your life help you, and some hurt you, but the most blessed are those that help you to see that even those that you feel hurt you can be a part of your growth. Olga helps me do that...thanks and blessings, Olga. I know she loves her work so that's a blessing, keep passing it on."
New York, NY
"Working with Olga has been a pleasure and a privilege. No situation, topic, nor uncomfortable feeling is too big or small for The Work. With Olga's support and guidance, I am able to explore the very roots of my suffering and find the beautiful truth behind it all. I highly recommend Working with Olga."
Ravenna Wilde
Writer, London, UK
"The sessions with Olga came as a very special gift at a time where I felt stuck. After experiencing with a variety of transformational modalities on my own steam, I felt I needed support, as I had become distrusting of my ability to self-help.
Though I could only perceive her through her voice, I felt an instant connection with Olga. Her artful guidance blending deep compassion with an infectious sense of humor proved an invaluable support.
During our 1st session, the belief I worked on was located in my solar plexus. I remember clearly saying that if that belief wasn't true, I would stand taller. Olga told me that I would experience shifts in the next days. Boy was she right! After hanging up with her, I went out to get something to eat. I immediately noticed I felt different physically. To my amazement, not only was I walking taller, but I was also breathing from the solar plexus.
For the 2nd session, I chose a defining moment of my life to work on. After examining the beliefs I extracted from it, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Today, my mood is elevated and things don't feel as daunting as they were when I turned to Olga. The debilitating anxiety knot at the pit of my stomach is gone.
It's not that the challenges in my life have magically disappeared, it's that the way I apprehend them has completely changed.
Thank you Olga for facilitating an amazing transformational experience."
"Thank you for facilitating and sharing with me your wisdom and patient and kindness.
New York
"Olga Berg is very professional and personable. She is great at creating a safe , caring, and relaxed atmosphere in which all can share, listen and be listened to, and learn in a fun, respectful and professional fashion. I was impressed."
Barak Speiser
New York, April 2014
"Highly recommended for all seekers of truth, new and renewing. Olga Berg leads the group with grace, and even having just met everyone you will feel connected as family. You cannot go wrong with this meetup - come join in, and bring your friends with you :)"
Tracey Buffum
Institute for The Work Candidate, Rhode Island, April 2014
"I came to Olga Berg's workshop to find out how The Work could help me achieve greater self acceptance. I got this and much moreā€¦ I'm noticing I'm continuing to reflect on the workshop which was now several days ago and make shifts in my thinking.
Dear Olga, I feel very connected to you and deeply understood. What a gift you are to me. Thank you for being wonderful you :)"
New York
"Olga's four week workshop on Fear to Love was amazing. The opportunity to see the places that I hold fear was indeed transformative, however Olga's gentleness and focus kept me and the participants on track. What I enjoyed was how Olga, in sharing her own examples, transparency, she created an environment for me and the other participants to be authentic and fiercely honest. These are qualities that I have not seen often in workshops and Olga helped us in taking these courageous steps. I recommend you take a course with Olga"
Nichol Starr
Educator, New York
"These past 6 months I have grown exponentially because of "The Work" and Olga. I am very grateful and this experience and I look forward to continue the process."
Jane Potter
Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music
"My time with Olga was life changing and so challenging! I discovered important things that I wasn't aware of!
Olga is so present it's great! To me she was perfect! She's tough... She was "there" with me all the way through the thoughts I faced. She possesses a natural empathy that is priceless!
If you want to deeply experience the awareness inside you, Olga gets my highest recommendation as a facilitator!"
New York
Sent from The Work of Byron Katie Manhattan UWS
The workshop was really special, Olga. Thank you for creating such a nurturing, safe environment, where I could feel held and open up to myself. You have a gift as a facilitator.
Dana C.
New York
Dear Olga,
I'm so happy that I met you.
This is what I did yesterday - I went to the Bear Mountain area with my friend yesterday; both my friends are big eaters. With my new found realization that I need to treat my body right, I didn't over eat or eat unhealthy food. We finished dinner around 9pm, and I didn't binge eating after. I wanted food before midnight before going to bed, but I asked myself "is that really true that you need to eat?" It was not. I had lemon seltzer instead and went to bed. I felt great waking up this morning.
I also hugged a tree, and that made me feel really good :-)
I'm going to pay more attention to what my body wants today and feed it with love.
Cliff W.
New York
Ann M.
New York
"Loved it! I wish it could have lasted longer and I'm looking forward to more."
Steve Sandberg
New York
"Olga is serious, dedicated, fun, and knowledgeable."
Brette Popper
"Recently I attended a workshop facilitated by Olga Berg called Letting Go of Loss and Grief through Writing. With expert guidance, patience and persistent questions from Olga I began to unravel a story that had been lodged deep inside my psyche since childhood. Surrounding it with inquiry has enabled me to begin the process of letting go of the habitual actions my five decade long feelings of abandonment and responsibility caused. I have been writing about that experience for the past several weeks and look forward to working on other "stories" I've told myself for years utilizing the same process."
"Great conversation on Untrump Yourself Needs to be done once a week for the next four year of Donald Trump! I am beginning to find our politcal situation very amusing (Don't tell anyone)"
Kamungoma t.
"I left with a clearer mind and open heart.Thank you very Olga!!"
Molly G.
Bronx, NY
"I found wonderfully helpful moments of clarity, joy, and relief in doing The Work with Olga. She is a gifted facilitator."
Rego Park, NY
"I feel so much better!"
New York, NY
"Olga is such a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable facilitator of Byron Katie's "The Work". It was a transforming, eye-opening (literally!) experience for me to work with Olga and the other participants in our group."
Barry M.
New York, NY
"Olga did a terrific job of demonstrating how the Work can be applied to our situations"
Bob Stockel
New York, NY
"Olga Berg is an extraordinary facilitator of the Work. Her nurturing, persistent guidance through the process of inquiry makes every session enlightening and lightening. My work with her has been life altering. If you ever have an opportunity to Work with her, don't miss it!"
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