Olga Berg
As a coach and a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, I work with individuals and organizations by designing a customized curriculum to suit each of my clients' needs. It is my greatest joy to help my clients live authentic, joyful, productive lives.
While The Work is only one of many modalities that I use with my clients, it is, without a doubt, my favorite.

I have been involved in personal development for many years, but when I discovered The Work and met Byron Katie I knew that this was something that I absolutely wanted to do. The Work is simple, elegant and profound. Whatever experiences might be puzzling you in your life, I can assure you that The Work will carry you straight to the core of your issues, leaving no question unanswered. There is no teaching or philosophy you are asked to trust. You will uncover your own truth. There is nothing more uplifting than the simplicity and clarity of this truth.

I met Katie and found The Work in 2006 during a time in my life when I was feeling very overwhelmed by a full-time job and three young children. I felt like I was always gasping for air. Tiredness and resentment were building up. I discovered that Katie was doing a weekend workshop in a nearby city and I was determined to go. My husband joined me. When I met Katie, and spoke to her, I was floored by her unconditionally kind and loving presence. I could not stop crying. I did The Work with different people during that workshop. One of my partners was an old man from the Irish countryside, who had never done anything like this. We just followed the simple directions together. There was no science, no trickery, just the simple inquiry. The outcome was an incredible sense of connection, love and peace.

The following week my husband was out of town, but to my surprise I did not feel the usual sense of dread. On the contrary, I felt surprisingly peaceful, joyful and content. Despite my messy house, work being done on it, despite the freezing weather and my husband being away, I was in heaven with my three little humans, basking in peaceful happiness. It was incredible. I did The Work with the man who came to do the work on the house, with my mother on the phone, with anyone who I came across. In 2007 I went to the School For The Work and enrolled into Certification Training. Since then I have staffed four Schools, and many workshops with Katie, voiced over in Russian many of her videos and worked extensively on the Russian version of www.thework.com.

The Work helped me transform my relationships and make critical life-changing decisions with ease, (such as quitting my job in 2007 and moving with the family to Hawaii). It brings me back daily to love, peace and acceptance that I find difficult to describe. It is a lifesaver in my everyday life with three young children.

I truly hope that one day every person in the world will know how to use self-inquiry in their lives. I regularly offer my coaching services through the Helpline of the Institute for The Work and to private clients from all over the world. In my corporate career, I worked for many international organizations including NASA and US Department of State. Through my many years of involvement in the field of personal development, I worked using NLP, EFT and hypnosis. I also completed all levels of the Avatar Course.

Please join me in finding the truth!