Understanding Wisdom of Emotions
Confidence, Clarity and a Sense of Aliveness
Under Any Circumstances
Olga Berg
Coach, Trainer, Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
I use a combination of mindfulness practice and Inquiry Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) which will equip you with reliable strategies you can use for years to come
No matter how lost any of us may sometimes feel, we can find ourselves again. My experience and training will support you in rediscovering your integrity and intuition to help you feel connected and confident. Reaching this level of clarity allows you to make decisions with ease, alter old negative patterns and move forward in a more productive, constructive and emotionally honest way. I have worked with hundreds of clients around the world, in private sessions and group workshops, witnessing again and again how they are able to find purpose and happiness, regardless of their individual challenge.

I use a combination of mindfulness practice and Inquiry Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) which will equip you with reliable strategies you can use for years to come. If you are interested in a free 15 minute consultation, please contact me through the link below.
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Clients say
  • Without the work I did with Olga I don't think I could have found my way out of the overwhelming feelings of grief and fear I experienced when my husband became ill and passed. The Work has given me a practical way to live more kindly, more fully, with an open, curious heart
    Alexandra Vassilaros
    Playwright, NY
  • Olga Berg is an extraordinary facilitator of the Work. Her nurturing, persistent guidance through the process of inquiry makes every session enlightening and lightening. My work with her has been life altering. If you ever have an opportunity to Work with her, don't miss it!

    Bob Stockel

  • ...an amazing transformational experience!

    R.White, London, UK
  • Olga's ability to still the world around me and support me in really hearing my purpose is truly a gift as a mentor and a coach. .
    Mandy M., Belize
    Hospitality Industry Executive, Belize
A unique transformational experience...
I specialize in helping executive clients deal with burnout, grief, depression, anxiety and stress in either their business or personal lives.

My approach involves short, individualised, interventions which are tailored to suit each client through either face to face or online sessions.

During our confidential sessions together we will precisely pinpoint the source of your stress or anxiety and, from that point, we will work to address and resolve the issues you have been struggling with.

Using the range of my expertise and experience, I will help you work through the subconscious blocks that may have been preventing you from seeing your own situation with clarity. From there we will work together to bring back your sense of direction and purpose.

With my support and consistent practice on your part, you will learn relevant techniques and coping strategies that will give you a deeper understanding of who you are and help you to better manage your emotions. My clients find that, after working with me, they have the confidence to make complex decisions easily, overcome situations they previously found challenging and to move beyond repetitive, subconscious patterns. The new found mental flexibility and positivity that your bespoke treatment package reveals, aims to help reconnect you with the accuracy of your own intuition. Whilst my skills and insights will help you on your journey, my ultimate goal is to equip you with tools that will support you for years beyond our meetings. These tools will not just provide the remedy for what troubled you in the first place, but will also create significant, lasting, positive change that will impact all areas of your life.
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