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March 19-26, 2020
Haiku, Maui, Hawaii
Olga Berg
Coach, Trainer, Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie
For many years I have been helping people live honestly and with a sense of purpose. Only when you can can find hidden blocks in your mind, your experience effortlessly transforms. Through working with language and the mind I will help you to gently inquire into thinking patterns that obstruct the natural flow of your experience.

I have helped hundreds of clients resolve problems, launch new careers, rebuild relationships and find peace in most difficult of circumstances. I lead workshops and courses worldwide.

I am a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, NLP practitioner, a lifelong student of mindfulness and meditation. I hold MA in linguistics and in my early career I served as a conference interpreter (including the UN, US Department of State, NASA, IMF and other major international organizations).

To request a session or a workshop please use the contact at the bottom of the page. I look forward to working with you.

Olga Berg is an extraordinary facilitator of the Work. Her nurturing, persistent guidance through the process of inquiry makes every session enlightening and lightening. My work with her has been life altering. If you ever have an opportunity to Work with her, don't miss it!
- Bob Stockel, New York
I was recently interviewed by Brandon from Life Coach Path. Read the whole interview here.

Olga's ability to still the world around me and support me in really hearing my purpose is truly a gift as a mentor and a coach.
Mandy M., Belize
"The work we did together has not left me... I must (try and) relay that my vision became more colorful sitting with you, and I still live in that colorful perspective. It's hard to explain, but things STILL appear more colorfully when I consider different perspectives on an issue.

Pretty wild... It's not drug induced either! haha It's just that I see a spectrum of color now that "appeared" for the first time when I was working with you! So I think about something and those "new" colors appear in my vision. It may sound "crazy" but I believe these colors happened around "doing the work."

Maybe my mind was actually blown and this is the result. Anyways, I'm enjoying it and find it useful! I definitely live in a more colorful world now! Thank You for your life changing help! I feel very grateful to have met you!"

Jane Potter
Professor, Berklee College of Music
Why work with me
Over 20 years of experience
I help you in gaining a deep understanding of where your problems come from and how to solve them with ease
Precise and individualized approach
you will acquire life long skills to use simple effective tools that really work for you in your life. No two people are the same and I will help you recognize and understand your uniqueness
Helping to equip you for the future
My job is to give you a bespoke of skills that will compliment your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses. You will learn to use your thinking to your benefit. amazing transformational experience!
R. White, London, UK
"You are what you think, and only when you can uncover and face the fears that sabotage your experience on this Earth, you can truly be free on this journey and feel effortless presence and peace. I am here to help."

Olga Berg

"Without the work I did with Olga I don't think I could have found my way out of the overwhelming feelings of grief and fear I experienced when my husband became ill and passed. The Work has given me a practical way to live more kindly, more fully, with an open, curious heart."
Alexandra Vassilaros, playwright

Thank you so very much for the session. There is a profound intelligence you tap into to understand life and thinking and the mind. To me, this is the deepest intelligence and the most important.

"You did a terrific job with me! I am amazed at where you took me, to places that were completely unexplored, by me anyway. Fantastic!"

Rosemarie Murdock
George Sachs, PsyD,
New York
"Olga is an amazing facilitator and instructor, very patient and kind and a huge asset to my personal work and my work as a psychologist."
Joe M
New York
" With a skilled facilitator like Olga, The Work is transformational and even more extraordinary."
New York
"Olga Berg is very professional and personable. She is great at creating a safe , caring, and relaxed atmosphere in which all can share, listen and be listened to, and learn in a fun, respectful and professional fashion."
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