Exclusive cultural journey into the heart of the United Kingdom
March 20-24, 2020
1, 3 or 5 day workshop
9-12 and 2-5 pm
Haiku, Maui, Hawaii
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At a glance
Learn about England's history and culture from the experts
We can estimate your company opportunities, explore your economic status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic. We also can explore the infrastructure and the landscape.
Moving around
We develop the main conception of a company according to company target, develop strategies for competitive advantage, branding for new companies or rebrand products.
We develop strategy, conception and ideology of the project, offer you a city-planning idea, create zones planning schemes, create a full project plan.
Spaces are limited
The Maui Experience
We will meet in a very secret corner of the Universe - a private estate on the North Shore of Maui, where my dear friends and hosts Devi and Finn will welcome us and share this unique and stunningly beautiful secret Paradise. Beautiful nature all around, professional dance studio, jacuzzi, delicious food, everything for you to relax and receive ultimate support.
Exclusive journey into British culture
Private visits to historic homes
In a small exclusive group of very experiences people on . pristine private estate in Haiku, Hawaii will embrace you and inspire you on your journey of self exploration with The Work of Byron Katie, a simple and profound self inquiry technique.
Visit hidden gems of British gardens
Nourishing organic farm-to-table lunch and smoothies will restore your energy, vitality and sense of well being. Breakfast smoothies, coffee and delicious lunch are provided on-site.
Tea with historians
Your sense of connection and community singing at the bonfire, spirit dance, gentle movement, meeting new friends, sharing and enjoying together. And the beach is only 10 minutes away! The perfect world awaits.
The real people
Let the aromatic air, rainbows and breezes enter you and allow yourself to switch off and deeply relax, refresh and bring a new sense of awareness and joy. You
Tie it all together though Art History
Nature and beach walks, mindfulness and inquiry practices will open up a new depth of perception, sensitivity, intuitive connection.
We will go whale watching together on the 24th, the experience you will never forget.
The real food
Experience the joy of authentic movement with Dancing Heart Journeys, evening gathering, singing, all will awake and rejuvenate your senses, harmonise your thinking and feeling.
The hunt
Heal old wounds, find new possibilities and endless inspiration in the company of like-minded people. You will be taking home tools for stronger connections and healthier relationships.
Finish the week whale watching and listening to the whale songs. Open up to a deeper level of understanding and being, and sense a level of inner peace you have been disconnected from. amazing transformational experience!
R. White, London, UK


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Olga Berg is an extraordinary facilitator of the Work. Her nurturing, persistent guidance through the process of inquiry makes every session enlightening and lightening. My work with her has been life altering. If you ever have an opportunity to Work with her, don't miss it!
- Bob Stockel, New York
Is housing included?
No, the price includes workshop. morning smoothies and coffee, organic lunch, dancing and nature experiences. Please email for budget housing options or scroll down for hotel links.
Will I need a car?
Yes, you will most certainly need a car to get around. The venue is about 25 min drive from the Kahului airport. Please check for special rates
Is there a Kama'aina rate available?
Yes, but space is VERY limited. Please email
Will ITW Certification Candidates earn any credits for this retreat?
Yes, the retreat qualifies for 12 credit hours
Would you like more information?
Please email me directly at or enter your name, email, phone number in the form below and ask any question. I'll get back to you.
Comment or question
Olga's ability to still the world around me and support me in really hearing my purpose is truly a gift as a mentor and a coach.
Mandy M., Belize
Please do not plan to do anything on the dates of the retreat, you will need the time to integrate.
March 20-24, 2020,
March 20: 4 pm - 7 pm
March 21-24: 9 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 4 pm
Haiku, Maui, Hawaii. Exact address will be given after registration. This is about 25 min drive from the Kahului airport
Friday only: $50. Saturday and Sunday $300/day.
There is some budget housing available onsite, please fill out inquiry form below for details.
What's included
Breakfast smoothies, organic vegeterian lunch, nature walks, campfire, dancing.
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Clients say:

"There is a profound intelligence you tap into to understand life and thinking and the mind. To me, this is the deepest intelligence and the most important. You did a terrific job with me! I am amazed at where you took me, to places that were completely unexplored, by me anyway. Fantastic!"

Rosemarie Murdock
George Sachs, PsyD,
New York
"Olga is an amazing facilitator and instructor, very patient and kind and a huge asset to my personal work and my work as a psychologist."
Joe M
New York
" With a skilled facilitator like Olga, The Work is transformational and even more extraordinary."
New York
"Olga Berg is very professional and personable. She is great at creating a safe , caring, and relaxed atmosphere in which all can share, listen and be listened to, and learn in a fun, respectful and professional fashion."
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There are also a few rooms available for rent at the retreat location. For more information please contact or use the contact form above.
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