Live in harmony with yourself - program with Olga Berg

He / She bothers me
" When you stop believing your thoughts,
you become inseparable from what is.
You are everything. "
Byron Katie

The Work is a meditative practice

Diary of your stressful moments.

Write down the moment
During the day, notice the moments when you experienced discomfort. Take short notes (you can write in the phone or on a piece of paper).
For example: "In the morning, on the phone, annoyed at a colleague" or "I go into the room, I see scattered things", "In the store at the ticket office," etc. Just notice what and at what moment caused your reaction. Write down and continue to do your own thing.

Identify the source
Once a day, go through this list and formulate the statements according to the principle:
"I .... (emotion) ... on ........., because ......."
For example: I'm annoyed at the cashier, because she ignores me, etc.

Whose business you're in mentally?
In the same list, go through the statements. Which you wrote above (in stressful moments). Write about each: whose affairs did you do at that moment?
For example:
At the cash desk - by the affairs of the cashier
When I thought that the boss displeased me - the affairs of the head

Do the same with the list of people whose relationship you would like to improve (button below)

Notice when your thoughts go into the affairs of other people, and return yourself to your own. In which case do you experience stress?
Write in the discoveries and observations.

Write down your discoveries and observations in the journal.

Olga Berg
Course Leader
Research with Olga Berg: "Neighbors prevent me from sleeping."

"He / She bothers me"
We invite you to explore the idea "He / She bothers me".
Do the research from a specific moment.
When in your life did you experience unpleasant emotions because of this thought?
Answering each question in the questionnaire, return at this point in time.
When you are finished, your questionnaire will be sent to you by post. Please put it on the homework tab "Discoveries and observations" (button below).
To think that people should not be the way they are is just like saying: the tree growing at a distance should not be a tree, but a sky. I researched all this and found freedom.
— Byron Katie
Elena Medvedeva
"In the course of the Work, I came to a coup that my husband surpasses all my expectations"
My first vivid work experience was devoted to relationships. I was very stressed that day that my husband does not live up to my expectations. In the course of the Work, I came to a coup that my husband surpasses all my expectations.

And she took this joyful news into her daily life, to see if that was so. I watched my husband from a new point of view: it exceeds my expectations. And it turned out to be more than true !!! He did much more than I asked and expected of him. And my illusions, what he should do, crumbled !!!

I began to tell him that he was exceeding my expectations, and our relationship became more open, and how many gifts I received !!! I realized that he owed me nothing. He is what he is. And if I have a complaint against him - I understand that this again my unexamined thoughts are knocking.
Natalia Titova
"I learned a lot in five days that I could not open in my ordinary life"
I suddenly realized that men can be understanding, kind and loving. I learned a lot in five days that I could not open in my life. For example, that all the negative, all the evil and offensive words that we send to the offending men, is all the reflection of our false thoughts and the truth is rather about angry than about swearing, every person is pure and innocent.
Natalia Malinovskaya
"Now I understand my reactions and I treat them calmly (even if they are restless :)"
Feedback on the methodological seminar "Hidden motives in the facilitation." The seminar was for me very deep, interesting and not at all terrible, as I was afraid. I was afraid that my hidden motives could be painful or lead to feelings of guilt and shame. It turned out all wrong.

I saw that on the "second plan of the mind" these motives are always known to me and not at all hidden. I saw that they all are about the same, and I have the motives of girls. A clear understanding of these thoughts and their analysis are very useful to me. As if I turned to the fact that I always "breathed" my head, interfering with peace, joy and presence.

Now I "see" them, I know them, and maybe in time, thanks to Working on them, these painful hidden motives will disappear from my mind. Already now there is relief and more peace of mind in relation to facilitation and simply communication with people. Now I understand my reactions and treat them calmly (even if they are restless :))))))).

Thank you for this opportunity and science
If a person focuses on the outside world and blames another person for his troubles, not his own attachment to the history he currently believes in, he becomes his own victim - and the situation seems hopeless.
— Byron Katie
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