Live in harmony
with myself
Four-week program of thinking research
You begin your journey to yourself!
Reality is an endless process of creation in the present moment, delightful in its simplicity.
The joyful observer that I see as the body goes to the toilet, cleans the teeth, goes down the stairs, makes tea, sits down - everything looks as if it moves a doll not controlled by the puppeteer. How will the body behave in the next instant? It snugly settles on the sofa and becomes a woman drinking tea. And this woman is as still as a wall or ceiling.
The observer notes that the woman's chest rises with the inspiration and descends with an exhalation, that her fingers move slightly. I become a cup, tea, lips of a woman and again tea, flowing through the esophagus into the stomach and falling into various systems of the body - dark and infinite.
Now I am nothing, in the next instant - a pond, then again - nothing, and even a moment later - a cloud or a rain. And now I'm in the garden, I'm getting this tomato, this carrot. I can become this cell of the body, this human body, this non-body, this nothing that is the beginning and the end of oneself, the joy in oneself.
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3 steps of practice
Every day you will perform 3 steps

Please start with a five-minute meditation, but if you already have practice and you are ready to meditate more, please give yourself more time at least 15 minutes. This meditation is different from others, but if you follow the instructions, it will help you to deepen your practice.
Recording your observations is critically important for the success of your program. Written observations will help you get closer to yourself, learn to observe your thinking processes and help your attention to switch to what is really important. Make it a useful practice for the workshop to complete the log of tasks and observations in a closed group on VKontakte.

Group on Vkontakte
Practical immersion in the work will be the study of thoughts with the help of four questions and coups.
You will be provided with all necessary materials,
including interactive forms of questionnaires.
Answering each questionnaire item and returning at a particular time, you can explore false concepts and see the world with different eyes.
Practical work at the seminar will help you to further explore your thoughts independently and efficiently with the help of materials for the Work.
Materials for work
Olga Berg leads and consultants of the Center for Self-knowledge
Olga Berg is a Certified Facilitator
"Works" Byron Katie, New York, USA,
Trainer of the Institute of Work Byron Katie
An employee of eight Schools of Work Byron Katie and a variety of seminars, the founder of the Olga Berg's Work and Center Consultants Program
How to work in writing in a closed group VK (VKontakte) and chat Telegram:
  • Your observations and results from the implementation of practices and tasks you record in the Closed Group's magazines on VKontakte.
  • There, in a closed group in the Job Magazine, you will have the opportunity to post filled interactive questionnaires and Work on your beliefs.
  • In the Telegram chat you can ask questions and get answers to them. Several times a week, Olga Berg will also post a video with answers to your questions.
  • In the Telegram chat, daily tasks will be duplicated.
  • Also in the Telegram chat you will find communication, support and the opportunity to share your impressions and discoveries.
Research is more than a technique. It brings to life a life hidden deep inside our original essence. After some practice, research begins to live within you own life.
- Byron Katie
Ekaterina Velkovskaya
"It is here - in coups I find diamonds, a valuable guide to action and tips in any life situation."

Stress in the form of discontent, resistance - a signal that I want to let something in my life, have been waiting for this for a long time, but my thoughts prevent something from happening that could fill me and bring joy to the soul.

If I did not have this indicator, a marker in the form of bad states, I would not be able to peer into reality. The thoughts that I explore lead me to a place in which I clearly see my need: I see a way to even more connect with Life.

It is here - in coups I find diamonds, a valuable guide to action and tips in any life situation. Giving myself what I want, I go out of the state of sacrifice - I become the mistress of my life.

And this is true freedom.

    Natalia Titova
    "The world of coups is endless and there will always be at least one small miracle of discovery for each participant in the program"

    After the seminar, there was an amazing feeling of lightness, I managed to look again at my husband, at my family, at my work without oppressive thoughts. How nice they are without my estimates and expectations.

    The world of coups is endless and there will always be at least one small miracle of discovery for each participant of the program. When it seems that everything has already been worked out, but no, as always in the last lesson, abysses suddenly open, a trivial phrase causes a stress wave and a new questionnaire follows and the Work proceeds and makes its liberating, returning reality.
      Alina Galiakberova
      "Byron Katie's work gives me pleasure in life, wherever I am and whatever I do"

      Previously, I was very stressed at work and generally doing any kind of work. I thought the reason was that I was doing "not my own business." I thought maybe it was not my calling and I was wrong.

      During the seminar, it became clear that the case could be as much as possible by vocation and still cause great stress. More precisely, stress is not the matter itself, but only my thoughts, stressful beliefs, in which I chose to believe.

      Getting rid of these beliefs with the help of the seminar allowed me to feel at work as on vacation. I often find myself wondering how wonderfully I spent time. I have much more favorite things I could have imagined before!

      Even the road to work became a walk for me. This is true liberation!

      The work of Byron Katie gives me pleasure in life, wherever I am and whatever I do.

      It's magical!
      The source of confusion is just a thought,
      in which you believe at the moment. Notice how you react to what is rising in your mind.
      - Byron Katie
      "Мне нужен молодой человек"
      "Я боюсь старости и бедности"
      "Я сердита на мою мать"
      "Я некрасивый"
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