March 20-16
Maui, Hawaii

Letting the Paradise

In person worshop: July 6 and 13, 2013 6pm-9:30 Central European Time
The Work of Byron Katie and Family Constellation with Olga Berg and Anja Kern
Self inquiry in
Why do i need the event
Stunning rainbows, Hawaii sunsets, farm to table meals will frame this unforgettable journey within. We will travel with The Work of Byron Katie deep into the clear and calm space that always lives inside of you.
For parents of children with developmental or health challenges
If your child is not blossoming or developing in a way that you wish, there is a deep sense of sadness and helplessness, frustration and guilt.
For parents experiencing struggles in the relationship with their children
At different points of life we can experience a struggle in our relationship with the child, depending on their developmental stage, from toddler to young adult.
For parents of children who are not fitting in
Whether your child is gifted or has developmental challenges, this can bring about a feeling of not fitting in, feeling excluded or not good enough.
For parents experiencing bereavement and loss
In these situations loss and grief become exaserbated by guilt and false sense of responsibility.
The Paradise Within
Discover happiness and stillness you can not yet imagine with self-inquiry
Travel into life you can not yet imagine in one of the most beautiful places on Earth
An unforgettable journey
What is The Work of Byron Katie?
The Work of Byron Katie is a simple inquiry that helps us resolve o our stressful thinking and find clarity and peace in most challenging relationships.
What is Family Constellation?
Family Canstellation helps us uncover outdated inherited patterns of behaviour. Founded by Bert Hellinger it has helped people all around the world improve their well-being and relationship.
Facilitated by
Olga Berg
Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie
Olga Berg met Byron Katie in 2006 and since has been practicing The Work in various events with Byron Katie, on the Helpline for The Work, during workshops, tele-classes and with private clients.
Anja Kern

Naturopath and a Family Constellation practitioner

Anja met Bert Hellinger in 1998 and has been practicing FamilyConstellation ever since in different formats including workshops and private sessions in Germany, Switzerland, Austria as well as in the US. Since she trained with Mashall Rosenberg NonViolentCommunication in 2005 she has integrated his work into the FamilyConstellation and offers a unique approach in which old patterns are revealed and transformed in daily life.
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