Live in harmony with yourself - program with Olga Berg

He / She does not accept me

"When you have a great relationship with yourself,
your partner becomes an extra pleasure.
This is the highest happiness "
Byron Katie

The Work is a meditative practice
Welcome to your day!

1. Do your meditation in the morning and evening.

2. Keep a diary of your stressful moments.
Take short notes. For example: "In the morning, on the phone, annoyed at a colleague" or "I go into the room, I see scattered things." Just notice what and at what moment caused your reaction. Write down and continue to do your own business without going into stressful stories.

3. Once a day, go through the list and formulate the statements according to the principle:
I .... (emotion) ... on ........., because .......
Example. (Moment: I'm talking on the phone in the morning at the desktop, in front of me is a cup of coffee)
I'm annoyed at my colleague because he does not respect me.

4. Watch the video and do a thought research on the interactive questionnaire below. Remember that The Work is a meditation. Give yourself time to wait for answers that rise from the depths.

Olga Berg
Course Leader
"He / she does not accept me"
We invite you to explore the thought "He / she does not accept me".
Do the research from a specific moment.
When in your life did you experience unpleasant emotions because of this thought?
Answering each question in the questionnaire, return at this point in time.
When you are finished, your questionnaire will be sent to you by post. Please put it on the homework tab.

Your partner is your mirror image. He exists only in your perception. He is what you see him. Ultimately, he is you, thinking about him.
— Byron Katie
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