Personalized Urban Retreat: The Work in New York Just for You

Our New York City personalized urban retreat is an invitation to refocus and renew in the most exciting city in the world. This one on  one immersion will hold you tightly in inquiry. You will meet the world with  a new fresh perception and a sense of deep openness.

Our lovely Upper West Side space is near the Lincoln Center and Central Park. There are numerous restaurants, juice bars, yoga studios, etc, within a two-block distance.

A personalized urban retreat is an opportunity for couples or individuals to experience a personalized intensive designed to support them in using The Work of Byron Katie through crisis, transition or deepen their inquiry.

Schedule: By appointment, Tue-Fri, 10:00am-2:00pm
Location: Upper West Side, near Lincoln Center and Central Park. Address provided upon registration.
Credit: This event counts as 12 hours of credit for Candidates in the Institute for  The Work  Certification Program. Participants must attend the entire event in order to receive the credit.
Cost: $1800


"Dear Olga,
Thanks for helping me see the truth and lift me to realty and being here and now .
Thank you , thank you , thank you!"

Nora Alshuhail
Saudi Arabia

"Thank you so much for your dedication and loving presence. You are a great channel for The Work and I feel blessed and... LIGHTER! So many open windows and doors."

"What worked for me was Olga’s skill with the work. Her sensitivity, compassion and elegance in doing/facilitating The Work. The intensive was very good for me being off time. Very thorough, very still, penetrating in the kindest way. Olga is intensely present." 

Alexandra Vassilaros, playwright
New York

"I went to New York to meet with Olga not fully understanding what it was The Work would teach me but WOW! I cannot believe how much of what she taught me has so quickly become a part of me. I really feel that in the sessions with Olga I have been given the ability to unlock the mystery of many of my thoughts. After completing those few sessions I find myself filled with energy, passion and the momentum to live my life more fully. Olga's ability to still the world around me and support me in really hearing my purpose is truly a gift as a mentor and a coach. You owe it to yourself, and those lives you touch on a daily basis, to explore The Work by Byron Katie and I highly recommending doing so with Olga. Your life will never be the same again, mine undoubtedly isn't."

Mandy M.

"Recently I completed a 12-hour personalized retreat with Olga Berg.  As a person with a long career in both business and the academic world (as well as eight years as a student of The Work of Byron Katie), I feel that I am a good judge of the quality of Olga's  enormously beneficial and illuminating program.  Olga is intense, focused, sensitive to the needs of her client, flexible, and fun.  Not only would I recommend her as a mentor for anyone open to deepening their understanding of this unique strategy for living a peaceful and productive life,  but I myself am already signed up for her next workshop."

- Barrett Mandel, Ph.D., New York,  March 2014

"The work we did together has not left me... I must (try and) relay that my vision became more colorful sitting with you, and I still live in that colorful perspective. It's hard to explain, but things STILL appear more colorfully when I consider different perspectives on an issue. Pretty wild.. It's not drug induced either! haha It's just that I see a spectrum of color now that "appeared" for the first time when I was working with you! So I think about something and those "new" colors appear in my vision. It may sound "crazy" but I believe these colors happened around "doing the work." Maybe my mind was actually blown and this is the result. Anyways, I'm enjoying it and find it useful! I definitely live in a more colorful world now! Thank You for your life changing help! I feel very grateful to have met you!"

Jane Potter
Jane Potter
Associate  Professor
Berklee College of Music

When booking a retreat you will receive a customized curriculum that will give you confidence that you have the skills to do The Work in a focused and in-depth way.  Everything we do will support you in building a new relationship with your own thoughts and with your partner. The retreat takes 4 hours a day (3 days minimum booking).

Cost: $1800

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